We Do More Than Just Insurance

We are consistantly working to ensure the best quality insurance offerings on the market. But we are more that just the sum of our offerings.


Protect your church with the most comprehensive risk management resources available to churches with the goal of making churches a safer place, GuideOne Insurance, one of America’s leading insurer of churches, brings you SafeChurch. Click here to learn more.


Since our flagship company, GuideOne Insurance, was established as America's first auto insurer for nondrinkers, the company has remained steadfast in the fight against drinking and driving, as well as underage drinking in America. In 1998, GuideOne furthered its social mission in the creation of the GuideOne Foundation.

The Dan Clements Agency, as part of its core values, also supports the concept of giving back to social missions and programs. The focus of our financial contributions are with non-profit organizations, the church, and educational organizations that are so much a part of our success. This goal is accomplished with the use of agency sponsored fund raisers.

Please contact us at 574.674.2944, or just send us and email at for further information.